STORY SLUG: RYAN TRECARTIN: I-BE AREAELIZABETH DEE GALLERY TAPE 1 / PAGE: 34 OF 63 INTERVIEWEES: AMANDA, AMERISHA, ARMY GIRL, AVONDALE, AVONDALE AND CHASE, BEARDED MAN WITH GLASSES... [1]01:44:32 PASTA{ XE "PASTAXXYYAA:SPEAKING" } Peggy{ XE "Peggy" }, you’re the reason for the roof over my head, the stars in my sky, the world in my money, in my money. Hard ball it!, I'm behind you. [1]01:44:41 AMANDA{ XE "AMANDAXXYYAA:SPEAKING" } Okay. Let's get to business, guys. [1]01:44:42 CHARITY{ XE "CHARITYXXYYAA:SPEAKING" } Yeah. [1]01:44:43 PASTA{ XE "PASTAXXYYAA:SPEAKING" } I'm ready to do this. [1]01:44:44 AMANDA{ XE "AMANDAXXYYAA:SPEAKING" } I want this to be a music video. It's what my mom likes. It'll bring her home if she finds it.[1]01:46:20 PASTA{ XE "PASTAXXYYAA:SPEAKING" } This is the house of love. I can tell, it smells popular..